Acting Audition Calls

Written by Jill Morrison
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Acting audition calls are designed to choose qualified actors for different shows. A casting director, director, and producer are usually watching each audition. They will decide on actors that they would like to hire for their shows. After making a decision, each actor will be contacted personally and will be offered an acting job.

Finding Acting Audition Calls

You can find acting audition calls in various places, including newspapers, magazines, hotlines, by word of mouth, and on postings around town. It is often a good idea to look in the trade papers for audition notices as well. The Back Stage West is one of the most popular choices and it is available weekly.

Many of the auditions that are posted are considered to be open calls. Open call auditions are open to the public. You do not have to be a member of the Screen Actors Guild union or any other union to attend. You also do not need agent representation to attend. For this reason, these auditions are typically mobbed with people, and many of them have little or no acting experience.

To avoid the open call experience, you may want to find agent representation. Talent agents can get you into acting audition calls that are only open to actors with agents. You will be able to have an appointment time instead of waiting around all day to audition as you would at an open call. Agents can also help by negotiating for better jobs and higher pay for you as an actor.

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