Acting Portfolios

Written by Jill Morrison
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Acting portfolios can be created to showcase your talents as an actor. These portfolios can be submitted to agencies if you are seeking agent representation. They can be submitted to casting directors for consideration in television, film, or for other types of acting jobs. Portfolios can also be posted online for additional exposure among industry professionals.

Creating Acting Portfolios

Acting portfolios should include your best pictures and credits. They are similar to a resume except they may include more than one picture. They also may include personal information that would not normally be found in a resume. The goal of using a portfolio is to receive additional exposure and more acting job opportunities.

When you create an acting portfolio, make sure that you are clear and professional with the information you are providing. Your pictures should also be professional in appearance. You should always type your information and avoid writing anything by hand. You may also want to include titles or bullet points so that your information is easy to read.

Acting portfolios can be created in many different formats. You can print a portfolio and submit it in a presentation folder. You can also place your talent portfolio on a CD-ROM. Industry professionals often prefer viewing CD-ROMs as opposed to reading papers because they have to deal with so many paper mailings each day. Posting your portfolio online can also be very helpful and can create a plethora of new job opportunities for actors.

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