Actor Auditions

Written by Jill Morrison
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The purpose of actor auditions is to find the best actors for specific roles in a show. Auditions can be held for many different types of shows, including television, films, commercials, plays, musicals, and variety shows. A panel of judges will usually watch auditions and evaluate the performances of different actors. This panel usually consists of the director, producer, casting director, and any other necessary advisors.

Characteristics of Actor Auditions

There are a few things that are typical of actor auditions. In most cases, you will be required to bring a headshot and resume to each audition. Headshots are 8x10, black and white photographs, taken from the shoulders up. You can also take headshots that show more of your body if necessary for certain auditions. Many people are now using color headshots for auditions as well.

Depending on the audition, you may need agent representation in order to attend. With an agent, you will no longer have to go to open call auditions. Open call auditions are open to the public, so they are usually mobbed with people. It can be a great benefit to have agent representation as an actor.

When you attend actor auditions, you may be asked to perform a monologue or to perform a scene from the script. You should be prepared for every audition that you go to by researching the parts you may be considered for. You should also have a comedic monologue and a serious monologue prepared in advance.

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