Actor Portfolios

Written by Jill Morrison
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Actor portfolios can help actors to gain additional exposure, to find new acting jobs, and to receive talent management or agency representation. Portfolios are similar to resumes because they provide information about previous acting credits, training, and skills. Portfolios may also include personal information that would not normally be found on a resume and many pictures as well.

Submitting Actor Portfolios

You can submit actor portfolios to agencies, managers, casting directors, producers, and other industry professionals. There are a few different methods that you can use when creating and submitting portfolios. The most common type of portfolio is a hard copy portfolio. These portfolios are typically printed on paper and placed in a presentation folder. They can be mailed or given out in person if you desire.

Actor portfolios can also be placed on CD-ROMs. This is a great strategy because it is unique and it can set you apart from all of the other paper portfolios. CD-ROMs are easy to view and to store as well. It is a good idea to release your CD-ROM portfolios a few times each year, especially during the casting seasons.

The third method for creating a portfolio is posting your information online. Various talent network websites can help you to post your portfolio on the Internet. Then, your portfolio may be viewed by many different industry professionals who are looking for new talent. If anyone is interested in hiring you, they will contact the talent network and then the talent network will contact you.

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