Written by Jill Morrison
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Auditions are conducted to find the best possible talent to cast in a show. Casting directors may be looking for actors, actresses, models, singers, musicians, dancers, acrobats, specialty acts, or other types of performers. The type of performers that are called will depend on the type of show that is being cast.

Tips for Auditions

If you are an aspiring actor, model, singer, or other type of performer, you may have to attend many different auditions in your career. You will likely have to audition for every potential job in the entertainment industry, until you make a name for yourself. If you become famous, or at least well-known in the industry, you may receive a job offers without attending auditions.

There are a few basic rules that apply to almost every type of audition. You are usually required to submit an 8x10 headshot, with a resume attached to the back side of the headshot. Depending on the audition, you should bring all necessary audition tools. For instance, if you are a singer, you will need to bring sheet music and if you are a dancer you will need to bring dance shoes.

When auditioning for a show, you may be seen by a casting director, producer, director, choreographer, or musical director. You may also be seen by assistants and other people who have already been cast in the show. It is important to be positive, truthful, energetic, and respectful to every person at every audition because each person may have an opinion that could make or break your audition results.

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