Find An Acting Agent

Written by Jill Morrison
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Many people are trying to find an acting agent so they can book more acting jobs in the entertainment industry. You may need to be aggressive in order to capture the attention of different agencies. There are many strategies that you can use to find an agent. Sometimes, agents will find you instead.

How to Find an Acting Agent

If you want to find an acting agent, you should first look at your skills, talent level, and appeal in the entertainment business. You will have to have a beautiful or unique appearance and personality to be noticed in the business. If you have a plain look and demeanor, you may want to think about updating your wardrobe, hair style, make-up, and performance skills.

Actors with a moderate amount of training and credits will have a better chance of finding an agent. Agents are more willing to represent actors with experience because when you have good experience, it means you have the ability to book jobs. You can attend acting classes and audition for some small shows or projects to gain additional acting experience for your resumé.

Sometimes, you will not need to find an acting agent on your own. Many performers are recruited from shows that they have performed in. It is always a good idea to perform as much as possible. An actor with a lot of exposure will be more likely to be noticed by agents who are looking for new talent. These agents may be watching you in the audience of your show, or they may receive a recommendation from a friend in the audience as well.

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