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Written by Jill Morrison
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There are many ways to find agents in the entertainment business. You can either seek agents out yourself, or you can wait for an agent to recruit you. Either way, you should do some research to learn about the best and the worst agencies available. So, when the time comes to contact an agency, or when an agency contacts you, you will know whether or not they run a reputable business.

Tips on How to Find Agents

You can find agents very easily by looking them up in the yellow pages. Unfortunately, the yellow pages only give contact information, rather than information about each of the agencies listed. After you have discovered the contact information for different agencies, you may want to research them by visiting each of their websites. You can also ask for advice about different agents from friends or contacts you may have in the entertainment industry.

Online talent networks are great for those who want to find agents. They are also great for agents who want to find new talent. Performers can post their portfolios on these websites to be viewed by reputable agents. Then, agents will contact any of the performers who interest them and may offer them a contract as well.

Some agencies will hold auditions to find new talent to represent. You can find these auditions posted in schools, theaters, trade papers, or online. You should be prepared with material to show at an agent audition. You should also bring a few pictures and resumes to every agency audition. If you are chosen, they may ask you for a few pictures and resumes so they can immediately submit you for potential jobs.

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