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Written by Jill Morrison
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Talent agencies are always looking to find models that they can represent. Modeling is a tough profession and has very specific requirements for participating models. For this reason, modeling agencies are always on the lookout to find new talent. They will often find models to represent in modeling searches or competitions.

How Talent Agents Find Models

Talent agents can find models in various places. They may find them in public places such as at restaurants or in small time modeling shows. They may also find new talent from portfolios of models that have been mailed to their agencies. One of the most common places where agents find new models is at model searches.

Model searches can take place in many different locations and through different venues. Some model searches will test aspiring models in modeling shows. Agents may attend these shows to find new talent. Model searches can also take place online. In this case, pictures of models are evaluated as part of a competition.

If you are interested in being discovered as a model, you should make sure that you meet the modeling requirements. Most female models have measurements of 34B-24-34. They must be at least 5'8" tall and must weigh between 100 and 130 pounds. Male models are usually 6' tall and are a size 40R. There are exceptions to these rules, but you will be more likely to have success as a model if you have this particular body type.

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