Find A Music Agent

Written by Jill Morrison
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It can be extremely difficult to find a music agent if you are a musician. Music agents are often more particular than other types of talent agents. There are so many bands, singers, and musicians who are trying to succeed in the entertainment business, so the competition to find agent representation can be stiff. With some hard work, persistence, and dedication, you will be more likely to find an agent to represent you as a musician.

Ways to Find a Music Agent

There are many methods you can use to find a music agent. Before you begin your search, you should make sure that you have a good amount of credible experience as a musician. Agents will be more likely to represent musicians who have shown that they have received many performing jobs in the past. You can invite agents to see one of your performances if you are consistently working.

In order to make it big in the music business, you will definitely need to find a music agent. Most record labels executives will not even listen to a demo tape from musicians without an agent. An agent can negotiate for you to get better jobs and better pay for you as a musician as well.

If you have some experience and a good amount of talent as a musician, you may want to contact music agents personally. You can send a portfolio and demo tape to each of the agencies that interest you. You may also want to stop into each agency or call them to try and set up an appointment. Sometimes, you will need to contact them more than once in order to get their attention and to get an appointment.

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