Find A Talent Agent

Written by Jill Morrison
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It can be difficult for performers to find a talent agent, especially a good talent agent. When searching for an agent, you will need to research your possibilities because there are many scam artists in the entertainment business. You should find information about agencies from reputable sources to help you determine the best agencies available.

How to Find a Talent Agent

There are many methods you can use to find a talent agent. Many people will simply look for agents in the yellow pages and contact them directly. This is definitely the easiest strategy, but unfortunately, you will not learn much about each agency from the yellow pages. You should try to do some research on agencies before contacting any of them.

Sometimes, talent agencies will recruit performers from shows that they are performing in. Many talent agents will watch stage shows, films, or television shows to look out for new talent. Agents will typically find most of their new talent in smaller productions, rather than in feature films or regular television shows. Performers without agent representation are not usually booking the big film and television gigs.

There are many resources that you can use to find a talent agent. Online talent networks are a great place to post your portfolio and for talent agents to view portfolios. Many agents will find new talent to recruit from these websites. You can also look in the trade papers for information about different agencies and for auditions that agencies may have.

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