Game Show Auditions

Written by Jill Morrison
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Game shows have been aired on television for decades. Some of the original game shows that were popular among viewers include What's My Line, Password, Let's Make a Deal, To Tell the Truth, and You Bet Your Life. As years passed, game shows increased in popularity, with shows such as Hollywood Squares, The Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, and Jeopardy. Today, these game shows continue and new shows have been created.

Some of the more recent game shows on television are trivia games, such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and The Weakest Link. The shows, Jeopardy, The Price is Right, and The Wheel of Fortune continue to thrive on major networks today as well. While some game shows, such as Double Dare, rely on physical activity, most game shows will test mental strength in their competitions. Trivia knowledge is a very important part of most game show appearances and is tested in game show auditions.

Participating in Game Show Auditions

Those who want to participate in game show auditions will have to do much more than fill out an application. Wits will also be tested with a variety of questions that relate to each type of game show. At most game show auditions, three steps will be taken. First, the game will be explained to those auditioning. Then, contestants will take part in a general knowledge quiz. Finally, contestants will have to introduce themselves and show their personalities to those conducting the auditions.

Being smart isn't the only attribute that matters in auditions for game shows. Attitude is a major factor in the selection process. Producers will look for contestants who watch their shows regularly and who are passionate and excited to participate in their shows. Demographics may also play a part in who is chosen at auditions for game shows. Game show producers are always looking for intelligent women to participate, since the majority of their contestants are men.

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