Model Auditions

Written by Jill Morrison
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You can attend model auditions if you are an aspiring model. If you do not have agency representation, it can be more difficult to attend certain modeling auditions. Without an agent, you only have the option of attending "cattle call" style auditions and submitting pictures and resumes to casting directors on your own. Obtaining agency representation can be very helpful to your career as a model.

Tips for Model Auditions

There are many factors that contribute to achieving success at model auditions. First of all, if you have a modeling agent, you will be able to go to many "agent only" auditions that most people cannot attend. You can find an agent by dropping in at an agency building, mailing your portfolio to agencies, or by participating in a model search.

So that you do not waste time going to certain model auditions, you should research the type of model that they are looking for at each audition. For instance, if they are looking for models with long, dark hair, there would be no point in attending the audition if you have short, blonde hair. You should also be realistic with your measurements and appearance before you decide to become a model because modeling is quite a demanding business.

When you attend a modeling audition, you should be prepared with a portfolio that you can submit and the right clothing, make-up and hairstyle for the audition. You should be enthusiastic and alert, but also modest. You should also follow directions and be respectful of those in charge at auditions.

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