Model Searches

Written by Jill Morrison
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Model searches are designed to bring modeling talent and talent agencies together. These searches are usually found on the Internet, but may be conducted through other sources as well. You can find a model search on a talent networking website. These websites will post pictures and information about models so talent agents and managers can find new talent.

Using Model Searches

If you are an aspiring model, using model searches is a great way to get involved in the industry. You can also choose to send pictures and resumes to talent agencies by mail. However, this can be a frustrating process when many talent agents do not respond to your mailings. Participating in a search will allow you to be seen often, and will allow you to save time and money that you would spend on mailings.

Modeling agencies are constantly looking for new talent. The best way to be discovered by these agencies is to show your face to them as often as possible. When you participate in model searches, your face and information about you can be seen by millions of viewers. Many of these viewers may be talent scouts as well.

Before you participate in a model search, you should evaluate yourself and be honest about your potential as a model. Female models are generally 5'9"-6' tall, a size 6 or less, have measurements of 34B-24-34, and are between the ages of 14 and 21. Male models are around 6' tall and are a size 40R. There are exceptions to these rules, but if you fall under these categories, your chances of becoming a model are more realistic.

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