Movie Auditions

Written by Jill Morrison
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If you are interested in attending movie auditions, you have a few choices. Most film auditions are posted as casting notices. You can find these casting notices in newspapers, trade papers, on the Internet, and posted in local theaters or acting schools. There are different types of movies that you can audition for as well.

Finding Movie Auditions

There are a few types of movie auditions that you can attend. Movies that appear in movie theaters and on television are usually SAG films. SAG stands for the Screen Actors Guild and it is a union for professional actors. You may not be allowed to attend SAG auditions if you are not a member of the union and if you do not have agent representation or a talent manager.

You can also audition for short films that are usually shown in film festivals. Many times, you will not need to be a member of SAG to audition for these films. If you have little or no experience in film, you may want to start auditioning for student films. These films do not pay well, if at all, but you will get credit for the film. You will also be able to put together a demo reel after participating in a few of these films.

There are a few things that you should think about when attending movie auditions. In general, you should dress casually, but also conservatively. You should be respectful of every person at the audition because many unassuming people could be very important to the production. You should be prepared, perform with confidence, and above all, be yourself.

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