New Actresses

Written by Jill Morrison
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It can be tough for new actresses to get started in the entertainment business. Most actresses will get acting jobs because of their talent, their previous experience, and who they know. If you have the talent, you will need to find a way to get some acting credits and to meet important people in the process. You may have to start on smaller projects, with less pay, but you will soon have opportunities to grow.

Choices for New Actresses

New actresses have many available resources for finding work in the entertainment industry. There are many places where audition notices are posted, in addition to fliers posted by photographers, acting coaches, acting schools, and agents. You can also find this information in trade papers such as the Back Stage.

Some websites will post audition information for performers as well. Some of these sites will also post performer portfolios to provide these performers with more exposure and better job opportunities. These websites are also known as talent networks because they connect new actresses and actors with important industry professionals, such as casting directors, producers, and agents.

If you are a new actress, you must take a few initial steps before auditioning or posting your portfolio. First, you should have professional, 8x10 headshots taken and you should attach your resume to the back of these headshots. You should also prepare two different types of monologues for upcoming auditions. Most actresses will choose to prepare one serious monologue and a contrasting, comedic monologue.

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