Online Portfolios

Written by Jill Morrison
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Online portfolios are collections of pictures and information about individuals that are posted online. These portfolios usually showcase talents such as acting, singing, dancing, or modeling. Each portfolio may include numerous pictures, a personal bio, a resume of previous credits, and/or a sound clip. Portfolios can be viewed by talent agents or managers who are looking for new talent to represent.

Uses for Online Portfolios

Online portfolios can be used to receive additional exposure and to obtain representation from talent agencies. These portfolios can be viewed by any person at any time, so you should not post any personal contact information on your portfolio. If an agent is interested in you after viewing your portfolio, the agent can contact the talent network that is posting your portfolio. Then, the talent network will get in touch with you.

Even if you do not find agent representation quickly, online portfolios can help you to receive great exposure. You should choose to post your portfolio on a well-known talent network so that you can receive maximum exposure. In addition to talent agents, many other types of people may be interested in your portfolio, including directors, producers, advertising companies, casting directors, and fashion designers.

When putting together an online portfolio, you should make sure that your information is stated clearly. You may want to use bullet points or titles so that the information will be easier for viewers to read. You should also avoid generalizations and bragging. You can be enthusiastic, but you should also try to be modest and professional in a portfolio.

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