Online Talent Database

Written by Jill Morrison
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An online talent database is a website that posts numerous talent portfolios, job opportunities, contacts, and advice to those involved in the entertainment industry. Talent databases are generally created to connect talented performers with important industry professionals. When your portfolio is posted in a talent database, you could receive great exposure and additional job opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Benefits of an Online Talent Database

An online talent database can be very helpful to new or experienced performers. These websites allow you to post your portfolio online for others to view. You can post personal information, credits, skills, training, appearance descriptions, personality traits, goals, etc. You can also post one or many pictures of yourself for industry professionals to view.

Online portfolios can be viewed by any person, so you should be careful not to post any personal contact information on your portfolio. If an agent or casting director wants to get in touch with you, they can initially contact the talent database website. Using a talent database is a great way to receive exposure without exposing too much information about your personal life.

Online talent databases may be visited by many different types of industry professionals. If you are looking for agent representation, you can note this on your portfolio and you may be contacted by agents who have viewed your portfolio online. Entertainment jobs may become available to you when casting directors, directors, producers, fashion designers, and/or advertising companies view your portfolio as well.

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