Portfolio Websites

Written by Jill Morrison
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Portfolio websites are online talent databases that provide information about talented performers to industry professionals. They are typically viewed by talent agents and casting directors who are looking for fresh talent. Portfolios may also be viewed by producers, directors, advertising companies, fashion designers, other actors, and assistants in the entertainment industry.

Using Portfolio Websites

Portfolio websites can be used to provide job opportunities and exposure for many different types of performers. The Internet is one of the best places to advertise a business, so many are taking the opportunity to advertise their talents online as well. When you post your portfolio online, you should make sure to choose a well-known website that generates a large amount of traffic.

You should carefully construct a portfolio before posting it on a website. You can browse through other portfolios on different portfolio websites for ideas to use in your own portfolio. You should try to be enthusiastic and creative, but also professional and modest with the information you provide in your portfolio. Agents and casting directors may be turned off by too much bragging in a portfolio.

You can choose to add any necessary elements to your online portfolio. You can post as many different types of pictures as necessary. You may want to include color pictures as well as black and white pictures. You can also include sound clips in your portfolio. Sound clips are especially helpful for showcasing singers, musicians, and character actors.

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