Search For Agents

Written by Jill Morrison
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Many people are trying to search for agents in order to further their career in the entertainment industry. Agents can be extremely helpful to actors, singers, dancers, musicians, models, and other types of performers. They can help to negotiate jobs and pay for you. Agents will also help you get into exclusive, agent-only auditions in entertainment.

Ways to Search for Agents

There are many different ways to search for agents if you are looking for representation. You can find information about agencies in trade papers, on their websites, in the yellow pages, in entertainment magazines, newspapers, books, postings, and by word of mouth. You should try to figure out the best and the worst agencies by researching your options through some of these sources.

When you search for agents, you may determine a few agencies that you would prefer to have representation from. If so, you should contact these agencies personally by calling them and by sending your portfolio in the mail or by e-mail. You may also want to set up an appointment to speak with an agent in person if you can get one from a phone call.

Talent network websites and trade papers are both great resources for agency information. You can read about the positive and negative qualities of different agencies and you can discover their contact information as well. You can also use these sources to post your portfolio so that agents may contact you instead. Agents are always looking for new talent and are willing to make efforts to contact promising performers.

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