Written by Jill Morrison
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There are many talented individuals who are trying to make it in the entertainment business. The entertainment business is an enticing industry, because of the opportunity for fame and fortune for some performers. Unfortunately, there is so much competition, that it is difficult for most performers in the industry to even pay their rent.

If you believe that you have enough talent to make it in the entertainment industry, there are a few steps you can take to further your career. First, you will want to develop a solid portfolio that includes pictures and information about you as a performer. You will also need to have numerous 8x10 headshots and resumes to present at auditions. Most of all, you will need to work hard to gain experience and exposure in the entertainment business.

Benefits of Finding a Talent Agent

If you are trying to achieve ultimate success in the entertainment industry, you will definitely need to find a good agent to represent you. Talent agencies may represent many different types of performers, including actors, models, singers, dancers, and musicians. Some agencies will represent many different types of performers and others will specialize in one particular performance category.

It can be difficult to find a talent agent, but they can be extremely helpful in building your career as a performer. When you have a good agent, you will no longer have to attend the treacherous open call auditions. Open call auditions are open to the public, so they are always mobbed with wannabe performers and you may have to wait all day in order to be seen at one of these auditions. Agents allow you to attend exclusive, agent-only auditions instead of open calls.

You can find agents in various sources. Before you decide to contact an agency, you should ask for some advice from any contacts you may have in the entertainment business. You should also research each agency by looking at their websites or by calling them and asking questions. After you have found some reputable choices of agencies, you can send them your portfolio and you can contact them to set up an appointment with an agent.

Creating Online Talent Portfolios

A great way to receive additional exposure and possible job opportunities is by posting your portfolio on talent network websites. These networks provide online databases where performers and industry professionals can connect. Performers will post their portfolios online with hopes of being contacted for jobs or agency representation.

Industry professionals, including casting directors, producers, agents, directors, choreographers, fashion designers, and advertising companies will look at online portfolios to find new talent. If they find a performer who interests them, the performer may be contacted personally. To keep your personal information safe, you will not have to post personal contact information online when posting a portfolio. If industry professionals want to get in touch with you, they can initially contact the website that is displaying your portfolio.

When creating an online portfolio, you will want to include information about yourself and your experience as a performer. You can include more personal information in a portfolio than you would in a resumé. You will also want to include numerous pictures of yourself in your portfolio. Many performers will post different types of pictures, with different outfits, hairstyles, and expressions, to show their versatility in online portfolios.

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