Talent Information

Written by Jill Morrison
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Talent information can be found in various sources, including newspapers, magazines, trade papers, and online talent networks. You can search through these sources for information about performers and also for information about other types of entertainment professionals. Other professionals may include casting directors, choreographers, directors, producers, costume designers, fashion designers, instructors, assistants, photographers, and more.

Types of Talent Information

There are many different categories of talent information. If you are a performer, for example, you may want to search for auditions or casting call information. Performers may need to look at other resources as well, such as available instructors for voice, acting, or dance. Performers may also need to find photographers who will take professional quality headshots.

Talent information may be needed by many industry leaders. For instance, casting directors and agents always need a resource for finding new talent. They can look at talent network websites for performer portfolios that are posted online. Industry leaders also need resources for finding production assistants, make-up artists, caterers, and costume designers.

Newspapers and magazines will typically give advice to those in the entertainment business. These sources may provide true stories that may interest you and may also teach you something about the industry. Trade papers will have similar articles, but they will also post auditions and list places to submit pictures and resumes. Online talent networks are great for posting portfolios of performers and connecting them with industry leaders.

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