Talent Networks

Written by Jill Morrison
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Talent networks are available as a resource for performers as well as industry professionals. Many different types of performers may be represented in these networks, including actors, singers, musicians, dancers, acrobats, specialty acts, and models. Industry professionals who participate may include directors, producers, agents, casting directors, fashion designers, assistants, and choreographers.

Benefits of Using Talent Networks

There are many benefits available to those who participate in talent networks. These networks usually exist online so that they can be visited by different people from all over the world. A talent network is a great place for professionals to recruit new talent and for performers to find job opportunities. Each network provides plenty of information about the entertainment industry and also who is available to work.

Talent networks are well-known for their ability to post countless performer portfolios on their websites. These portfolios are similar to picture and resume postings, except they may include more pictures and more information about each person. Portfolios can list credits, skills, and training, in addition to personality traits, appearance descriptions, personal interests, and entertainment goals.

When you post a portfolio on a talent network, you are giving industry professionals a chance to check you out. You could receive many great benefits from posting your portfolio, such as agent representation and new job opportunities in entertainment. You can also use these networks to interact with other performers so you can make new friends and learn more about the industry.

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