Web Portfolios

Written by Jill Morrison
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Web portfolios include pictures and information about individuals. They are posted on the Internet to provide exposure and job opportunities for these individuals. Portfolios are similar to resumes because they describe you and your previous working experience. Portfolios also include numerous pictures of you, and other personal information that may not be included on a resume.

Options with Web Portfolios

Web portfolios can be used for any type of profession, but they are most commonly posted for those who are involved in the entertainment industry. Portfolios will showcase talents such as modeling, acting, dancing, or singing. By posting your portfolio online, you can expect important industry professionals to view your information and pictures.

Web portfolios can include any information that you would like to share with industry professionals. Keep in mind that any person could view your portfolio if it is posted online. If the website where you post your portfolio is well-recognized, you will be more likely to be seen by casting directors, directors, agents, producers, and other industry professionals on a regular basis.

You can include one picture or many pictures on your web portfolio. It is usually helpful to include many pictures rather than just one picture. You may want to include headshots as well as full body shots. You can also include black and white photos in addition to color photos in a web portfolio.

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