Atlanta Braves Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Atlanta Braves have extended their on-field excellence to their off-field ticket sales and promotions by adding several features that will undoubtedly inspire other teams to follow in their footsteps. One such perk is a do-it-yourself approach to ticketing that allows Braves fans to print their own tickets at home. Before you law-enforcement officials come swooping in with charges of counterfeiting, consider the following:

Self-ticketing in general, which enjoys a few different brand names (depending on who's behind the concept), is becoming the first choice for fans of more than just Atlanta Braves baseball. Concert promoters and other event coordinators have capitalized on the DIY model, wisely noting that it helps them reduce shipping and handling charges. As you might expect, though, consumers do pay a small fee for the convenience, though this is often less than the standard S&H fees that apply by mail. For premium seats, however, third party online brokers will be the best bet, though prices will be higher depending on the quality of the tickets.

Buy Your Atlanta Braves Tickets in Bulk

Another selling point of Atlanta Braves tickets is their group-friendliness. As an individual buyer, you may feel as though you have little if any bargaining power. There are no "support" avenues in place outside of the usual customer service staff to help you with problems, questions, and concerns. All that changes when you book your birthday party, reunion, or social organization's outing with the team. In their eyes, you become a much more valuable customer, since you represent a bigger chunk of business than you do on your own.

Finally, the Braves' "On-Deck Circle" allows dyed-in-the-wool fans to receive news and updates in advance of major ticket promotions. By adding your name and information to this list, you have the chance to receive premium seating once ticket sales are formally announced. While there are no guarantees that you'll receive the best tickets, you're at least guaranteed a shot at the lottery.

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