Baseball Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Since the mid-'90s, when baseball suffered a devastating labor dispute and subsequent work stoppage that drove fans from the game en masse, the league has worked hard to win back many of its formerly devoted followers. One of the primary ways it has done this is by making baseball tickets more affordable and available to those who might not ordinarily be able to find them. These days, the sight of families sitting together at ballgames is no longer an alien one.

Fans constantly hear the amazing statistics about what it costs for a family of four to attend a game. Four tickets, four hot dogs and Cokes, four bags of chips, and four souvenirs can run anywhere from 100 to 200 bucks, depending on the quality of seats. For a family with a household income of 50 or 60 grand, a mortgage, car payments, medical bills, and groceries, it's safe to say that live baseball games are not a primary entertainment choice.

The Lower Cost of Baseball Tickets

While the price of concessions at the ballpark hasn't dipped in the past decade (to the contrary, it's risen), baseball ticket prices have held steady and, in some markets, even declined. Much of this is due to the league's continuing PR effort; even 10 years after the last canceled World Series, a lot of fans still harbor resentment and anger. Other factors, however, such as the game's continuing expansion and subsequent dilution of talent, are also contributing factors.

In the end, fans must make some hard choices. Are lower prices enough inducement to offset what many consider a diminished talent pool on most rosters? Is there enough parity in the league for mothers and fathers to want to take their kids to see their small-market team take a few futile cuts against the Yankees or Braves? Judging from the availability of baseball tickets in most of these markets, the answer is no--or at least not yet. At least the availability has the benefit of driving ticket prices downward, into the range of affordability.

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