Basketball Tickets

Written by James Lyons
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1994 was the year to have Houston Rockets basketball tickets. Until 1994, Houston had never experienced a championship for any of its professional teams. The Oilers consistently disappointed loyal fans and the Astros could not get past the National League Championship Series. Sports fans referred to Houston as "Choke City."

In 1994, I was living in Washington, DC, and was not about to miss the time one of my beloved teams won a championship. I sought out a broker, managed to get four tickets, flew down to Houston and watched my Rockets win game seven against the New York Knicks. Those basketball tickets will remain in my possession until I pass them on to my children. I'm not an insane fan, but I do relish that memory.

Finding Basketball Tickets for Your Team

Some basketball fans enjoy college basketball more than professional basketball and vice versa. Personally, I enjoy both and I recognize the inherent flaws with both associations. College ball remains faithful to the game's purity, but professional basketball has all the best players and athletes. Either way you win.

Basketball fans like myself need venues to purchase basketball tickets for a variety of different teams, both college and professional. I deal with clients who enjoy watching different teams and I don't like spending a ton of time on the Internet hunting down Baylor Bear basketball tickets. Like most shrewd businessmen, I found an online broker that supplies the bulk of my tickets, a broker I can rely on and do business with every year.

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