Blue Man Group Tickets

Written by Scott Martin
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The Blue Man Group is one of the liveliest shows that you can imagine. It is one part music, one part performance, and one part spectacle. With their growing popularity getting a hold of good Blue Man Group tickets can sometimes be challenging.

These zany fellows are painted entirely in blue, hence the name, and perform on non-traditional instruments. Their performances often incorporate audience participation. With the right seats, you might even be part of the show.

I first saw them one a late night talk show. I was blown away by their music. When I saw that they were tour, I knew that I had to go and see what this spectacular performance was like firsthand.

Part of me wanted to get pulled up on stage so I went online and purchased front-row tickets from a ticket broker. While I did not get up onto the stage, I was still was thoroughly enthralled by the show. Even if you do not want to participate, I highly recommend getting Blue Man Group tickets near the stage. The heart pounding music left me with a rush for days.

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