Cleveland Browns Tickets

Written by Charles Peacock
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The Cleveland Browns are one of the NFL's storied franchises, and their fans are known for being some of the best in the league. With the exception of the dark years (after the team moved to Baltimore and before if was replaced with an expansion franchise), Browns tickets have always been a hot item. The Browns have one of the most loyal season ticket holder bases in the league, which makes finding individual tickets quite difficult.

The New Cleveland Browns

Browns fans were heartbroken when the team was moved to Baltimore, and most have still not forgiven former owner Art Model. This heartbreak got even worse when the newly-renamed Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2001--something the Browns have never done. Luckily, the Browns came back to Cleveland, and they have a promising future with some exciting offensive players.

With players like Jeff Garcia, Andre Davis and Chad Johnson, the Browns are ready to deliver their fans plenty of offense this year. Watching the Browns play, its difficult to tell that they are actually an expansion franchise. Under the watch of coach Butch Davis, they have transformed themselves into a respectable team that is ready to compete with anyone.

If you're interested in attending a Browns home game, you can always check to see if single game tickets are available. Most of these tickets sell out early, however, so you might have to go through a ticket broker. Of if you know a season ticket holder, maybe you can talk them into taking you along to the game!

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