College Basketball Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For a lot of fans, college basketball tickets remain a first alternative to NBA tickets, and for good reason. One, college hoops tickets tend to be cheaper than pro passes. Two, they're generally easier to get a hold of. But there's a third reason that leads a lot of fans to turn to the NCAA before the pro ranks, and that's the quality of the game.

Pro basketball advocates claim that the skill level in the NBA is simply higher than it is in college hoops--and they're right. Oftentimes, however, the professional game is marred by two things: a lack of defense and low stakes. Anyone who's regularly followed basketball at both levels for some time now would be hard pressed to dispute this.

The Superiority of the College Game

The first issue, defensive play, falls squarely in favor of the college court for several reasons. For one thing, college teams may legally play zone defenses, which give them more viable formations on their own end of the court. The more choices a team has, the better its chances of stopping a potent offense. This in turn often leads to more competitive contests.

The second issue, the stakes of the game, also tips toward college basketball. In the NBA, where 16 teams qualify for the playoffs, more than half of the squads (there are 30 in all) end up in the postseason. By contrast, only 64 college teams out of a couple hundred make the "Big Dance," as the postseason tournament is called. There, one loss equals elimination, a fact that adds extra weight to every single game, and makes tickets hard to find through traditional box office sources.

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