Cubs Baseball Tickets

Written by Scott Martin
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The Chicago Cubs are one the most renown baseball teams in the world. Growing up, I would listen to Cubs game on the radio every change I could get. Now, I try to purchase Cubs baseball tickets every chance I get.

One of the biggest thrills in my life is to be able to see the Cubs at Wrigley Field. My work take on the road quite frequently and usually with little advanced notice. Fortunately for me, I get sent to Chicago several times a year.

I Love My Cubs Baseball Tickets

Now don't tell my wife, but whenever I go to Chicago, I make it a point to buy Cubs baseball tickets. Since I usually don't know when I am going to Chicago, I can not get tickets in advance. That means that the games are often sold out by the time I am told to go to Chicago.

I have found that the easiest way for me to get Cubs baseball tickets it through an online ticket broker. As soon as I find out that I have a trip, I go online and see what tickets I can purchase. I have the tickets sent to my hotel so I can go right from work to the game.

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