Dallas Cowboys Tickets

Written by Charles Peacock
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As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I've always loved to watch them play the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, that's is so much excitement when your home team plays one of their rivals. That said, getting tickets to a Cowboys-Eagles game has always been one of my favorite hobbies. It's one of the great rivalries in sports, and watching it in person is like nothing else.

The Eagles-Cowboys Rivalry

The rivalry between the Eagles and the Cowboys began in the 1970s, when Dallas won multiple Super Bowls and labeled themselves "America's Team." Fans in Philadelphia, starved for a championship, didn't take kindly to this flashy boasting--no matter how accurate or inaccurate it was. The rivalry took a turn for the better (from the Philadelphia perspective) when the Eagles beat the Cowboys in the 1980 NFC Championship game on their way to their first Super Bowl.

I had tickets to a Cowboys-Eagles game back in 1989, when Dallas and Philadelphia were both filled with rising stars. The memorable thing about that game wasn't Randall Cunningham or Troy Aikman, however--it was the snow that carpeted the field and the stands around Veteran's Stadium. Ever eager to express their love for Philadelphia, fans began throwing snowballs and ice onto the field.

Sure, it was a low moment for Philadelphia's sports reputation, but Eagles fans can console themselves with the knowledge that even future Philadelphia Mayor and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell got in on the snow-throwing action. Anyone who's cheered against the Cowboys will never forget the image of Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson running off the field while being pelted from all sides by icy snowballs. The Eagles-Cowboys rivalry has never been as ugly--or as exciting--as it was that day.

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