Dodger Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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While every Angeleno should catch at least one Dodger game in his or her time (if only to try a world-famous "Dodger Dog"), residents of L.A. have many reasons to explore season tickets as an option, too. These benefits range from the financial (significant savings on ticket prices) to the practical (preferred parking and VIP amenities). Best of all, season ticket holders get first crack at playoff tickets, should the team make it past the San Francisco Giants and into the postseason.

The Dodgers ticket office offers a special "Buy Two Get Two Free" deal for fans seated in certain sections. When you crunch the numbers, the savings come out to roughly 50 percent off the face price, though it takes a season-long commitment to qualify for such a hefty discount. Most fans prefer to attend just a handful of games, instead, and utilize ticket brokers to get cheaper prices.

More Reasons to Become a Dodgers Season Ticket Holder

Many fans worry that, should their teams make it to the "Fall Classic," they'll find themselves left out in the cold when it comes time to find tickets. The Dodgers, like several other organizations, guarantee that not only will season ticket-holders be entitled to playoff passes, but that that they'll sit in the very same seats they've enjoyed all season long. Bear in mind, of course, that if you choose to split a season package four or five ways, it's up to you to fight for the postseason tickets you want, whether you split your package with your friends, family, or co-workers.

There are also multiple fringe benefits of signing up for Dodgers season tickets. For one, you receive better customer service in the form of a dedicated line to handle any questions and complaints you might have, not to mention a free subscription to the ballclub's fanzine. You can also upgrade your tickets by following a few simple steps and filling out the necessary application through the team's official website.

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