Elton John Tickets

Written by Scott Martin
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From his flamboyant clothes to his crazy glasses, Sir Elton John is on of the most recognized performers in the world. But he is more than just an image, he is a musical marvel. When he tours, getting good Elton John tickets can be almost impossible.

From "Rocket Man" to "Yellow Brick Road," I celebrate Elton John's entire catalogue. Several years ago, Elton John toured with Billie Joel and I had to see him. What a show, I didn't touch down for many days.

The Best Elton John Tickets

If you like his music, you should be sure to get Elton John tickets while he is still at the top of his game. With many of our greatest performers aging, you want to cash in on any opportunity to see the stars before they stop touring. I will always regret not seeing the Greatful Dead when they were still together.

If you want to make out every sequence on Sir Elton's jacket, you will need to have great seats. The easiest way to get these seats is to go through a ticket broker. They can provide you with tickets right next to the stage. You will be bragging to your friends for years about this experience.

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