French Open Tennis Tickets

Written by James Lyons
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For those tennis fans who like to watch long rallies and well-rounded tennis, French Open tennis tickets will give you first-hand knowledge of the game's possibilities. Technology has taken some of the interest out of the game. Newer tennis rackets allow modern players to hit serves in excess of 140 miles per hour. Finesse and agility have taken a second seat to power.

The red clay at the French Open, however, helps to neutralize power players. Professionals who have a well-rounded game typically flourish at the French Open because the surface caters to those types of players. The rallies are longer and the points are more exiting. Players employ a variety of different tactics and mind games to try and gain an edge over their opponents. As a result, those fans lucky enough to get their hands on some French Open tennis tickets get their money's worth.

French Open Tennis Tickets Buy You a Little French Open History

The very first French Championships were held back in 1891, and since then the tournament has blossomed into one of the four Grand Slams of tennis (Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open, and French Open). The competition, however, did not become international until 1925, and in 1928, the tournament was relocated to its present home, Roland Garros.

If you had French Open tennis tickets back then you would have seen a one-day national championship, which, unfortunately for the French, had an English winner in the men's tournament. Without the participation of the world's best, the competition faltered until it became fully international 24 years later, and it has grown in popularity every year.

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