Golf Tickets

Written by James Lyons
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If you want a day of sun and relaxation, sprinkled with a modicum of activity, purchase some golf tickets. Those of you who play golf understand how aggravating the sport can be, especially since you are typically the only person to blame if you play poorly. Watching the professionals compete, however, is a much more relaxing way to spend your free time.

Golf could possibly be the most frustrating sport ever conceived. For most women and men, an afternoon of golf translates to an afternoon of casual exercise and relaxing fun. For me, an afternoon of golf usually devolves into a series of screaming fits and frequent prayers begging my maker to give me the intestinal fortitude to sink a short put. Perhaps I take it a bit too seriously.

Golf Tickets for Various Golf Events

Throughout the spring and summer months, every weekend one of the major networks broadcasts a major golf tournament. The major events--the Masters, British Open, US Open, and PGA Championship--are worth the price of admission. The mental stamina required to win one of these tournaments is astounding. Imagine millions of dollars riding on a put, on one shot. The men and women who play professional golf truly have ice water running through their veins.

Most golf tournaments give you the option of seeing one day or multiple days. Most tournaments run four days (Thursday through Sunday) and sometimes run longer if subjected to rain delays. I recommend purchasing golf tickets that enable you to see more than one day. Every day is typically more dramatic than the next and every day poses new challenges for the players--different elements, different hole locations, different leaders, and more pressure. Do yourself the favor and buy some golf tickets online.

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