Hockey Tickets

Written by James Lyons
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Please buy me some hockey tickets. Hockey has to be the most insane sport ever conceived. Let's throw a bunch of highly aggressive and angry athletes on a frozen pond, give them bladed sticks, and have them swat around a chunk of frozen, vulcanized rubber in excess of 100 miles per hour. Oh, and let's also allow them to hit one another!

What a wonderful sport! Hockey is the perfect combination of the primal and the graceful. Compared to other events that take place on ice, I find hockey a bit more interesting. Figure skating, albeit very interesting and beautiful to watch, just doesn't stack up to a collection of Neanderthals smashing into each other in hopes of taking the other man's head off.

Buy Hockey Tickets and Experience Something Memorable

Hockey fans fall into a very specific subculture called "insane people." Yes, the people who attend hockey games are almost as interesting as the game itself. In fact, when I used to live in Washington, DC, I often went to watch the Capitols play their rivals and I watched the fans almost as much as I watched the game. At times I felt like I was in a prison without prison guards.

All kidding aside, hockey tickets are the key into a wonderfully intriguing world. Hockey has also served as a medium to unite people of different cultures and countries. Hockey is a universal language for those who follow it. I once watched an American and a Russian talk for an hour about hockey, which was especially interesting considering neither spoke the other person's language. Hockey tickets have broad appeal.

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