Indy 500 Tickets

Written by James Lyons
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If you claim to be a race fan, you probably jumped on the chance to buy Indy 500 tickets. Indy 500 tickets can actually be purchased through a broker at an affordable price. Sitting in the stands at Indy Motor Speedway is like sitting in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium or Wrigley Field. It's a place rich in history.

Back in the early days of racing, mechanics rode along with the drivers, but at the first race, driver Ray Harroun had no mechanic in his car. The other 39 drivers had mechanics in their cars. To compensate for this lack of a mechanic, he mounted a rearview mirror to watch for traffic. Many auto historians claim it was the first ever usage of such a mirror. Nonetheless, Ray Harroun is officially listed as the first winner, and he averaged 74.59 MPH during the over six-hour race.

Indy 500 Tickets Give You Passage into a Historical Arena

The Indy 500 has a grown from a one-day race into more of a phenomenon. Even the locals tell you there's something special about Indianapolis in the merry month of May. There are many other auto races, but the mystique of Indy stands alone. You need not attend the big race to enjoy the Indianapolis Motor Speedway--you can visit anytime.

The track at Indy is approaching its 100th birthday. The two and a half mile oval was completed in 1909, and was originally paved with 3.2 million bricks. It's still referred to as the "Brickyard," but only the start/finish line is bricked now, for nostalgia's sake. On May 30, 1911, the Speedway hosted the first Indianapolis 500 mile race and the rest is, as they say, history. Indy 500 tickets become historical pieces.

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