Jacksonville Super Bowl

Written by Charles Peacock
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Super Bowl XXXIX will be held in Jacksonville, Florida. The Jaguars are proud to host their first Super Bowl, and the team has been busy preparing the stadium and the city for the big game. Jacksonville has a lot to offer, and anyone attending Super Bowl XXXIX should have plenty of things to do and see.

Facts about Jacksonville

It seems somewhat unbelievable, but Jacksonville is actually the largest city in the United States in terms of land area. At 840 square miles, the city straddles both sides of the St. Johns River in the Northeast corner of Florida. With a huge port and close proximity to the ocean, Jacksonville's economy depends heavily on the shipping industry.

Jacksonville is the youngest major city in Florida, with a median age of 34.4 years. It is a fast growing city, and is consistently rated by business magazines as both a great place to live and a great place to start a business. With an average of 222 sunny days a year, the weather can't be beat.

If you're a golfer and you're in Jacksonville for the Super Bowl, a great way to spend your weekend is to hit the golf course. The city has more than 100 golf courses with over 1,300 holes, so there are plenty of opportunities to play. Thanks to its thriving business and tourism industries, there are also plenty of top-rate hotels.

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