Jerry Seinfeld Tickets

Written by Scott Martin
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For many years Jerry Seinfeld was known only to those who followed the comedy circuit. His fame grew and he then blossomed with his self-titled hit show. Now, it seems like everybody is trying to get Jerry Seinfeld tickets.

Jerry's comedy stick revolves around the everyday occurrences in our lives that are normal on the surface, but reveal an absurd underbelly. As he said in his hit show, he makes "nothing" funny.

When I saw that he was coming around, I knew that my wife and her sister would love to see the him. While he is not a physical comedian, his expressions and mannerisms play a large part in his jokes. That's why I could not just get nosebleed seat in the back where they could not see him.

The Best Jerry Seinfeld Tickets

I went to my favorite online ticket broker and was able to secure a pair of Jerry Seinfeld tickets right up front. My wife and her sister loved the show. They said that they could see his every expression and movement. I have found that it is always better to get the closest seats that I possibly can for any show.

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