Jimmy Buffett Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Jimmy Buffett ticket market, much like that of Phish bootlegs and live Dave Matthews show recordings, has developed a life of its own. Followers of these musical acts are among the most devoted not only in the U.S., but throughout the world. So huge are their international tours, that hundreds of websites have sprung up that are devoted solely to the buying, selling, and trading of tickets.

By one magazine's estimate, Jimmy Buffett tickets are second in popularity only to Grateful Dead tickets. Parrotheads, as Buffett's fans are called, have been known to follow the singer-songwriter to every stop along his tour, even when that involves cross-country treks to tropical destinations. Buffett may make Key West his home, but any locale with a beach, a few margaritas, and some scantily clad women may come up on his tour's radar.

What Is It about Buffett?

Buffett's draw may be chalked up to the charm and simplicity of his songs. Tunes such as 'Cheeseburger in Paradise' and 'Margaritaville' are not only laid back, but instantly recognizable (and hummable) as well. Even non-Buffett fans are familiar with these tracks and are therefore just as likely as "die-hards" to end up in the ticket counter line when new tour dates are announced.

Jimmy Buffett has become such an icon of "boats, beaches, bars, and ballads," as his popular album is called, that he's had no trouble shifting gears and finding success as an author and restaurateur as well. It's safe to say that he has transcended the label of musician and become his very own brand. It's therefore not surprising that even after decades and decades of touring, Buffett is a regular sell-out draw at intimate venues and rock arenas alike, which can make finding great tickets difficult, but not impossible, through secondary outlets such as online ticket brokers.

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