Kentucky Derby Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Kentucky Derby tickets are up there with World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and NBA Championship passes. Each of the aforementioned events is the capstone of its sport, the single biggest draw of the season, and the most highly publicized competition of the year. The only difference is that while the four major sports' championships span anywhere from 60 minutes to seven games, the Kentucky Derby lasts about three minutes.

As with boxing, horseracing boasts an "undercard" of sorts. The racing card, as it's called, showcases some outstanding thoroughbred racing and gives bettors the opportunity to wager away from the hubbub of the main event. A lot of gamblers feel the odds are "truer" on everyday events as opposed to championships, a philosophy that, incidentally, applies to other gambling sports as well.

Getting Kentucky Derby Tickets

For the luxury of sitting in the clubhouse at Churchill Downs, horseracing fans can expect to part with upwards of 2,000 dollars. For about half the price, grandstand seats on the second or third floor are available, though these are often gobbled up in advance by ticket brokers and sold for two to three times their listed price. Where does all this leave the everyday racing fan looking for Kentcky Derby tickets?

The best option for horseracing fans who'd rather pay their mortgage than attend the sport's banner event is to purchase bleacher seats, but even this can cost a few hundred bucks. Independent online ticket agencies will usually have more affordable prices, as well as better seats available. Another alternative is for fans to take part in all the race-day activities for 20 or 30 bucks. Even if you don't get to sit in on the race itself, you can sip a mint julep and check out the annual "hat parade."

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