Lion King Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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After a multi-year sellout run, The Lion King has returned to planet Earth, thereby giving starved audiences the chance to finally see the show. Since the play's Broadway debut, Lion King tickets have occupied a sort of "holy grail" position in the theatre world. The box office was reportedly sold out months in advance, leaving fans to fight for scalped seats at huge mark-ups.

One of the reasons that Lion King tickets are now widely available is that the show is currently touring the world. Those who can't catch it in New York can still get the same Lion King experience in cities from L.A. and San Diego to Boston and Buffalo. So strong is support for the show that these cities host runs of several months at a time and still manage to reap enormous profits. As it turns out, a lot of fans have gone back for second, third, and even fourth trips to the theatre.

Lion King Tickets on Broadway

If you feel as though there's really no substitute for seeing a Broadway show on Broadway, the good news is that tickets are available, provided you allow two or three weeks of room. Friday- and Saturday-night tickets remain hard to find, but Wednesday and Sunday matinees (as well as some weeknight shows) are open. Bear in mind that attendance tends to jump over the holidays when a lot of New Yorkers have family in town and look to take them to shows.

Another option for Broadway Lion King ticket-seekers is to call and check on cancellations. For whatever reason (a prior commitment, illness, inclement weather), ticket-holders from time to time simply can't make their shows. Rather than waste the tickets, they call ahead and alert the box office and have them sell their seats to other fans instead. More enterprising people sell their tickets to online ticket brokers, who then can pass them on to the public. The result is that hard-to-find tickets are available, and sometimes at very reasonable prices.

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