Los Angeles Dodger Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Los Angeles Dodger ticket sales have been spurred on in recent years as the franchise has fielded consistently better teams. Despite what many consider to be a lack of interest in Los Angeles baseball, Chavez Ravine continues to lure swarms of residents as well as visitors hoping to cash in on a distinctly Angeleno experience--visitors, that is, who aren't from Brooklyn. First, a quick departure:

For novice baseball fans, or just youngsters who don't know the history of the franchise, the Los Angeles Dodgers were the Brooklyn Dodgers well before they ever came to L.A. Throughout the early and mid '50s, the Dodgers were the dominant team in baseball's National League, winning four pennants and a World Series in the first half of the decade. Still, team owner Walter O'Malley was determined to build a newer and better stadium for his club, and the city of New York simply couldn't come up with the funds to do so. In 1958, O'Malley set up shop in Los Angeles.

Dodger Tickets Today

While the era of 'The Boys of Summer,' the nickname given the 1953 team, is long gone, the legacy of Dodger greats is alive and well. The on-field contributions by players such as Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Roy Campanella, and Sandy Koufax blend seamlessly with those of modern dodger greats such as Mike Piazza, Shawn Green, and Eric Gagne. So long as the organization stays committed to rearing top talent in its farm system, Dodger ticket sales will flourish.

The best news about Dodger tickets is that they're still obtainable on a walk-in basis. Should you find yourself off of work the afternoon of a 1:35 game (as day games are sometimes called), a trip to Chavez Ravine can turn up a lot more than just right-field bleacher seat tickets. Even for night and weekend games, regular fans can still find admission for 10 or 15 bucks, making Dodger games one of the great bargains in all of L.A. For quality seats at the last minute, however, brokers are usually needed.

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