Los Angeles Lakers Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Los Angeles Lakers tickets are more than just passes to see Kobe Bryant work his magic on the court. They are also tickets to Hollywood's illustrious Walk of Fame--sort of. While there are no handprints cast in cement stars in the sidewalk at Staples Center, there are scores of movie and television actors, musicians, directors, producers, writers, and other entertainment industry heavyweights all scattered through the audience.

Anyone who's tuned in to ESPN or even a local newscast in the past few years has seen the familiar image of Jack Nicholson in his trademark sunglasses and cane manning the sidelines while the Lakers hold court. Stars such as Heather Locklear, Dustin Hoffman, Garry Shandling, and Chris Rock are also regulars at the arena but manage to blend directly into the crowd. In Los Angeles, star-sighting is so common that few locals even notice the A-list talent surrounding them.

Tickets in Tinseltown

While most fans aren't after Lakers tickets simply to go gawking at stars, that doesn't mean those tickets don't come at a premium. One of the economic realities of life in L.A. is that the rich and famous seem to gobble up everything, including basketball tickets, before the general public has a chance. Just getting seats in the upper deck of Staples Center can thus be deemed a victory in its own right.

Those looking to sit courtside are faced with a couple of options. One is to land a three-picture deal Universal or Sony, then use their leverage (or their agents' leverage) to find great seats. A better bet, however, is to target games that feature weaker opponents or that coincide with some other major local event at the same time--such as the Oscars. Utilizing online ticket brokers can turn up some surprisingly good seats.

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