Mlb Tickets

Written by James Lyons
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My fiancee asked me the other day if I wanted a pair of MLB tickets to celebrate my promotion. I replied, "Does a one-legged duck swim in circles? Of course I want baseball tickets." In my world, an afternoon with cold beer, hot dogs, nachos and heartburn is the closest thing to heaven I can possibly fathom. The only thing better than MLB tickets might be NFL tickets, but I'll address that later.

Many of my fondest childhood memories involve me and my father stuffing our faces with popcorn and hotdogs while watching the Houston Astros beat up on their National League rivals. Watching Dwight Gooden duel with Nolan Ryan was like watching a piece of sports history live. Even then I knew what I was watching was special--something sportswriters, fans, and journalist would reference for decades.

MLB Tickets Shape Young Lives

I firmly believe team sports help children develop essential life skills they will eventually use every day. Watching Major League Baseball games teaches kids the value of both individual and team efforts. These men represent the best of the best in the world and find ways to work together whether they like one another or not. Those of us who work in the business world understand the value of teamwork and the ability to work with conflicting personalities.

Baseball is a microcosm of the real world. I firmly believe that. Some players are inherently gifted, some players work hard to be great, some players specialize, and some players give up. You find that in every profession and every school. Parents should understand the value MLB tickets can bring a child other than a great time. I write from experience.

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