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Written by Jeremy Horelick
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MLB tickets are abundantly available through your local team's ticket booth, which is still the second best place to find them (season ticket-holding friends are still tops). With 162 games each year, teams have plenty of capacity, provided you give yourself some lead-in time to find the right game. There are several factors that can complicate your search.

One issue when scheduling a family outing, a ballpark birthday party, or a similar event is promotions. Free bat night, seat cushion night, and the ever-popular "three buck" night can bring the fans out in droves, even in the midst of a losing season. Search for tickets on the night your local nine are giving away coolers, commemorative hats, or autographed baseball cards, and you might find yourself relegated to the bleachers.

Is It Fair? Is It Foul?

We're not talking about the long fly ball here, but the weather. Ever sit out at Fenway Park in October? The experience is worlds removed from that of a Florida Marlins game in August. If the mercury's just dropped below 100 and the sun's already set, you may find yourself sitting three rows back behind home plate. On the flip side, if it's a cool 62 with nary a cloud in the sky, and the team's in the midst of a hot streak, even that last right-field bleacher seat may be gone.

You're merely a fan, not a professional meteorologist, but that doesn't mean you can't use some common sense. If thousands of tickets are available at your box office, is it possible that the rest of your city knows something you don't? It may just be that another local event (such as a fair or trade show) has stolen some ballpark traffic. If that's the case, what an ideal moment to stop in and pick up four tickets just above the home team's dugout! For better attended games, online ticket brokers are the standard last minute resource.

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