Nascar Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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With some 75 million rabid fans, racing enjoys the second largest following (behind football) of any sport in the country. Between its television audience and live spectators, NASCAR captures millions and millions of dollars in ticket sales and ad revenues, then backs that take with millions more in merchandising. NASCAR hats and team jackets, replica cars, and autographed pictures often take the limelight at memorabilia shows, outselling baseball and football cards, posters, and other merchandise.

Adding to the thrill of racing is the sheer size of NASCAR's live audiences. While the biggest football stadiums hold just over 100,000 fans, NASCAR speedways can accommodate close to 200,000 spectators. Suffice it to say that none of these racing audiences has earned its reputation for passive involvement, either. NASCAR fans are deemed the most vociferous in the country, a reputation of which the sports' "speed freaks" are proud.

Choices for NASCAR Tickets

Seating is everything when it comes to NASCAR tickets. The experience of sitting in the upper grandstands hardly compares with spots directly behind the pit crew where the smells and sounds of burning rubber are much more visceral. Close seating also provides you the best vantage point for the events' biggest draws: wrecks.

The public and private sentiments expressed by NASCAR reps when it comes to wrecks are marked by the same dissonance that characterizes hockey officials' views on fighting. The front offices in each sport can't actively promote these spectacles, even though they're fully aware of their value. There's an old sports joke that goes, "I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out!" The same might be said of NASCAR ticket holders who flock to speedways to witness crashes, only to find that a race has "broken out" instead.

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