Ncaa Football Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Come November and December, NCAA football tickets are often hot as any professional sports tickets and, hence, equally difficult to find. Mind you, not all college football showdowns are landmark events; in fact, late in the season, many teams are playing for nothing more than pride. Then there are the contests that command center stage every year without fail.

Debate rages over the single greatest rivalry in college football. There's a vocal Army-Navy faction, which makes its annual claim in spite of the fact that neither of these armed forces fields national championship-contending teams. For these fans, the feud is so historically important (not to mention heated) that it scarcely matters where in the standings both teams reside.

Big-Time NCAA Football Tickets

Florida-Florida State, Nebraska-Oklahoma, Michigan-Ohio State, Auburn-Alabama, USC-UCLA--these are the showdowns in college football that the world awaits. Most, if not each, of these head-to-head battles determine conference championships, as their participants often run one and two in the standings. Of course, even when the Michigan-Ohio State game doesn't determine the Big Ten winner, or the Auburn-Alabama game has no SEC implications, it scarcely matters. Just try to find tickets for these sold-out events.

For many fans, the college stage represents the last chance for NFL-bound players to make their marks before going on to the big-time. Even if the NCAA is beginning to mimic the NFL more and more (the players often have lucrative endorsement deals waiting; the TV rights cost a fortune), there remains a certain purity at the college level. For fans jaded by the lights and lucre of professional sports, that's reason enough to watch on TV and, when possible, track down a pair of tickets from friends, out-of-state relatives, or online agencies.

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