Ncaa Tickets

Written by James Lyons
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As an avid Georgetown Hoyas basketball fan, I appreciate the value of NCAA tickets. In addition, I grew up a Texas Longhorns football fan--my parents and both my sisters graduated from the University of Texas, so I was forced to root for the Longhorns. My uncles and cousins, however, graduated from Texas A&M University, which makes for a dramatic inter-family rivalry.

As much as I love professional sports, NCAA sports have a sense of purity about them. If the school runs an ethical program, the student athletes are playing for something more valuable than a paycheck. They are playing for honor, pride, and the love of the game which often seems to disappear once players reach the professional ranks. I have saved most of my NCAA tickets because of the wonderful memories associated with them.

NCAA Tickets Are Typically Less Expensive

Ticket prices have escalated significantly over the past several years because of the exorbitant salaries professional athletes receive. Sports fans have to incur this financial burden because owners are forced to raise ticket prices. NCAA tickets, however, are typically less expensive than tickets to see a professional team because the athletes are compensated with scholarships rather than multi-million dollar salaries.

NCAA tickets often elude common fans, especially when dealing with certain schools. Most colleges have a solid, built-in fan base that consumes a vast majority of the tickets. To circumvent this mob of loyal devotees, one should seek out an online broker to purchase tickets; otherwise, your chances of landing some seats are pretty slim.

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