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Written by Charles Peacock
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New England Patriots fans probably thought the day would never come that their team would hoist the Lombardi trophy as NFL champions. When I was a young NFL fan, the Patriots had made one Super Bowl appearance--and been crushed by the Chicago Bears. In the years after that embarrassing showing, they were often one of the league's worst teams. But things would soon change.

The New New England Patriots: Repeat Champions

The turnaround for the Pats began when they hired Bill Parcells to coach the team. Parcells brought with him a winning attitude and taught the organization what it took to win championships. Although he would leave the team to coach the New York Jets, his lessons would remain firmly implanted in the collective mind of the organization.

After a few mediocre years under coach Pete Carroll, New England fans began to believe they had been subjected to another curse: the curse of the Big Tuna. But the Parcells connection would wind up helping them: when they fired Carroll, their former defensive coordinator under Parcels--Bill Belichick--came back to New England to lead the team. Belichick ran the same sort of disciplined team as Parcells, and soon he would have the Patriots up and running again.

When long-time quarterback Drew Bledsoe went down with an injury in 2001, unknown backup Tom Brady was given his opportunity to shine. The young quarterback came in and led the Patriots to their first Super Bowl championship against powerful St. Louis. Two years later, he would do it again.

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